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As local growers, we are subject to the natural elements and climate. We do our best to predict availability based on when things have been ready for harvest in past seasons, however, this is only a prediction. Product will be posted weekly as it becomes available for harvesting. The pdf. availability list below is an alphabetized list of the product that has been planned and planted for this season at our farms. This list is not a complete list and will be edited as the season progresses but should give you a good idea of the varieties and choices that will be available to you throughout the 2023 season. 


We, as growers, have met and discussed pricing to create a general list of pricing. We have done our homework and compared price lists from several places and agreed upon the pricing that you will see on our website. Occasionally you will see differences in the farmers pricing for the same product. These differences will be because of stem length or other special cases. Please keep in mind, while viewing our prices, that all of product that is sold through the collective has been grown using healthy farming practices and are subject to meeting our very high standards. You will be receiving a high quality product.

Let’s Work Together!

Get in touch so we can start working together. We will be sending out a short weekly reminder to order that iwill include our current availability list.

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